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If you find your information is incorrect or you would like your information removed from the online directory, please contact the NDGA Registrar.

Welcome new members!
We appreciate your support of ndga and our breed programs. Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for the membership pages to be updated
Complete members listing available online.

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We want to provide you with the information you need to promote and sell your Nigerian Dwarf Goats locally. Networking with other breeders is a great way to make new friends and learn more about effective herdsmanship skills.

NDGA is not responsible for content of members websites. NDGA will remove any inappropriate websites if reported.

Emilee Hamman Memorial Program.
Find out why this very special young lady inspires today's NDGA youth.

Tips and Tools:
Does are pregnant for approximately 150 days or five months.

To learn more about the breed and what you need to know to care for your herd effectively, we recommend our publication, Goat Notes.

To learn more about showing goats effectively and how Nigerian Dwarfs are evaluated in the showring, we recommend you obtain a copy of ndga's Judges Training Manual.

Other ndga-branded merchandise is also available.

Member Programs

Purebred Nigerian Dwarf Registration Services
NDGA's database tracks purebred Nigerian Dwarf progeny and ancestry for several generations. NDGA will register purebred dwarfs by unique herdname and animal identifier (tattoo or microchip). NDGA will also record transfer of ownership.

Transaction Assistance
NDGA will provide forms that all breeders can use as a tool to provide assistance for both buyer and seller in creating consistancy in transactions.

Establishment of the NDGA Breed Standard
Nigerian Dwarfs shown in NDGA sanctioned shows will be height certified to be within the breed standard and free of disqualifying faults.

Member Networking
All inquiries received through the registry office in addition to those generated by print promotions and shows will be referred to members.

Premiere Breeders Program

Our newsletter will contain articles and educational materials that will assist both the new and the long-time goat owner. An aggressive promotional program will seek to enlarge and expand the market for Nigerian Dwarfs.

Educational & Promotional Efforts
NDGA will develop educational materials on the breed in addition to topics such as marketing your goats, assisting first time buyers, and milk testing.





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