Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association
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NDGA is a board run registry and show sanctioning organization that promotes and supports a small, balanced Nigerian Dwarf while maintaining the necessary emphasis on the productive, dairy-type miniature goat. This registry belongs to all Nigerian Dwarf owners, and all voices will be heard and welcomed.


Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat

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The tattoo letter for this year is "E".

The Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association was formed in 1996 to preserve and promote the small, functional, dairy-type Nigerian Dwarf Goat. Any person interested in preserving the Nigerian Dwarf breed can become a member.

Girl showing Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Membership Information

NDGA members will receive reduced rates on registrations, a gestation calendar each year, a complimentary subscription to our quarterly publication,a Members Directory and a NDGA Members Handbook!

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Tuesday - Thursday
9-12 and 2-5 MST (AZ Time)

Attention members: Online forms are now available for your convenience for membership, registrations and show sanctions. We offer Paypal convenience and security to pay by bank debit or credit card.





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